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Serving Long Beach, North OC, and South Bay areas

Supporting women and families through the sacred passage of childbirth with mindful presence and expertise


“I cannot say enough good things about Pam!

From beginning to end she has been a such a great support and resource. Always providing me very pertinent information, always available to talk through my worries or concerns, and supportive of my birth plan.  Her gentle, calming energy eased a very painful back labor. 

If you really want a doula who meets all your needs: physical, emotional, and spiritual I highly recommend Pam."

— Stephanie B.




I am a DONA certified birth doula and mother of two.  I believe birth is a natural physiological process, and a sacred passage: for mother, parents, baby, and family.  I understand pregnancy and childbirth to be a deeply transformative time. As a Christian, I celebrate every baby born into the world as a unique and precious gift from God (Ephesians 2:10).       


My passion to become a birth doula grew from witnessing my nephew's birth and then having two boys of my own. Like many women, I was fearful of childbirth due to my limited understanding. Birth was rarely talked about by the women in my life and if it was, pain was typically the main subject. Watching my nephew’s birth showed me that birth can be beautiful.


After having two babies of my own, I decided to follow my dream of becoming a birth doula.


I believe that as women, our bodies were designed by God to birth well.  While complications do happen, they are not the rule.  Birth is a natural physiological process. It is hard work and can be uncomfortable or painful, but that is not all.  Birth is a transformative, life changing experience no matter how it happens: unmedicated or medicated, vaginal or cesarean, home birth, birth center, or hospital.    


It is my great honor to provide pregnancy and birth support to women and families so they can have their best possible birth experience! 



  • DONA Trained 2018

  • DONA Certified 2020

  • Spinning Babies Trained 2019

  • Familiar with Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing, and Birthing from Within 

More Info

As your doula, I commit to

  • Get to know you and your unique needs and desires

  • Support you in those unique needs and desires

  • Provide pertinent info and resources 

  • Be your ongoing support throughout the childbearing year

  • Encourage and pray for you

  • Provide continuous labor support (physical, mental, emotional/spiritual)

  • Do my very best to help you have the birth you desire and see you off to a good start as a mother and family



basic Package        $1400

  • 1-2 Prenatal Visits

  • Pregnancy phone/research support

  • On-call from 38 weeks on

  • Continuous Labor Support

  • Postpartum Visit

Virtual PAckage      $1200

  • 1-2 Prenatal Zoom Meetings

  • Pregnancy phone/research support

  • On-call from 38 weeks on

  • Continuous Virtual Labor Support (May include in person support at home)

  • Postpartum Visit (in person or via Zoom)


premium Package      $1600

*Payment plans welcomed


Contact Me

For a free, 30 minute phone consultaion!

Tel: (805) 298-6583


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