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Virtual Doula Support

Currently, most every hospital in our area (Long Beach, South Bay, Anaheim, North OC, LA) is only allowing 1 support person into labor and delivery. So unless you are single, or your partner is not the birth support of choice, doulas are not being allowed into the hospital birth setting. While that will hopefully change soon, it’s prudent to prepare for all possibilities. Even though a doula may not be able to be there during labor, virtual support is available.

It may seem that virtual support is not worth the investment. I understand the concern. While in-person, continuous labor support is extremely valuable, there is still so much to offer.

A big portion of my work as a doula is helping families prepare for birth pre-nataly:

  • I get to know my clients: their desires, fears, and/or concerns and help them write or fine tune their birth plan.

  • I provide resources and education that increase confidence in their ability to birth well and know how to explore their options and advocate for their choices.

  • I provide mental/spiritual support in working to overcome fear/anxiety pre-nataly.

  • Clients have access to my library and online resources.

  • I provide on going phone, email, text support throughout pregnancy and postpartum

  • And now, thanks to smartphones, I can provide continuous labor support remotely.

I am offering all of this at a discounted price to make up for not being able to be there in person during labor. Please send me a dm if you’re interested in finding out more. I am determined to make it work for any mothers/families experiencing serious financial hardship, who desire doula support.

P.S. We can work out a backup plan for in-person support as COVID policies change.

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